About this space

How do we make the best use of the experiences of teaching and working online during the pandemic?

What did we learn about building community? …about the advantages and disadvantages of flexibility? ….about how to create inclusive spaces?

We are collecting, sharing, and making sense of our experiences to inform future practice. You will find case studies from different universities, written by people working in many different contexts. All authors responded to three questions:

What exactly was the shift in culture and/or organisational practice that you wish to highlight?

What did ‘working well’ look like?

How could this practice be spread?

You can explore the collection using the search function or using our ‘categories’ or ‘tags’. We are interested in building this collection so please get in touch if you would like to contribute a case study. We are also interested in receiving editorials which identify and explore themes or opportunities in the case studies.

These case studies have been collected by the Digital Culture Forum, which is for anyone working in HEIs who has an interest in working with digital technology to transform the way we provide and deliver education. Whether you are a just starting your digital journey or if you have years of experience, this space and forum is for you.

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The Digital Forum Steering Group: Christopher Bonfield (University of Bath), Russell Crawford (University of Falmouth), Sarah Dyer @se_dyer (University of Exeter), Vicky Gosling (University of Falmouth), Marieke Guy (University College, London) Lisa Harris (University of Exeter).

Jisc: Allen Crawford-Thomas

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